100 mile envirodrives

Clean, Green Driving.

Participants will be reminded of the importance of preserving these landscapes for future generations, and the positive impact that emission-free transportation can and does have on preserving the beauty that surrounds us.

May 12th 2024

The Cotswolds Cruise

Deadline for Entries - April 12th

Starting/finishing points: Redbridge Park and Ride, Lunch stop half way.

The Cotswolds serves as the perfect backdrop for this eco-friendly envirodrive. Driving your zero carbon car through its honey coloured villages, winding country roads and verdant rolling hills, will demonstrate the harmony between cutting-edge technology and the preservation of natural beauty.

The event begins and concludes at an electric charging station, showcasing the existing and growing commitment of the Oxfordshire Council towards a greener future, as they inspire, educate, and accelerate the transition to zero carbon transportation systems worldwide. £160 for a team of two.

May 19th 2024

North & South Downs Link

Deadline for Entries - April 26th 2024

Starting/finishing points: One in the North Downs and one in The South Downs. Lunch stop will be together, half way.

Organised by our passionate team of electric vehicle advocates and aimed at promoting the advancement of sustainable transportation while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Downs Link. With the rolling hills and breath-taking vistas as the perfect backdrop, this envirodrive promises not only a great days driving, but a deeper connection with nature and a shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

With winding ascents and thrilling descents, the route will test the capabilities of the electric vehicles, but as we all know, electric engines, coupled with precise torque control and regenerative braking systems, even the most demanding stretches will be tackled with ease. £160 for a team of two.

June 23rd 2024

The Pink Rose Route

Deadline for Entries - May 31st 2024

Starting/finishing points: One in Yorkshire and one in Lancashire. Lunch stop will be together, half way.

No longer the warring counties of the history books and TV dramas,  these neighbouring northern gems offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample delicious cuisine, and interact with the friendly locals who call Yorkshire and Lancashire home.

As you make your way through our road rally route for Electric Vehicles, expect to be captivated by the abundant natural wonders, quaint towns, and historic landmarks that dot the landscape.

You will experience the thrill of driving while making a positive impact on the environment. So, charge up, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the scenic wonders of these two remarkable counties. £160 for a team of two.

September 8th 2024

The Garden of Eden

Deadline for Entries - August 9th

Starting/finishing points: The Eden Project, Lunch stop half way.

Open to all electric vehicle owners, enthusiasts and eco-conscious adventurers! Get ready for an electrifying experience through the picturesque countryside of Cornwall, near the renowned Eden Project.

The carefully planned route will meander through charming towns, rolling hills, and breathtaking coastal stretches. As they explore the region, event participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Cornwall’s natural beauty, showcasing how electric vehicles can play a vital role in preserving and protecting these precious landscapes.

By showcasing the beauty of Cornwall and promoting a cleaner mode of transportation, we hope that this event will ignite a spark of change in the hearts and minds of participants and onlookers alike. £160 for a team of two.

September 22nd 2024

Champagne & Cider

Deadline for Entries - August 23rd

Starting/finishing points: One in Hampshire and one in Wiltshire. Lunch stop will be together, half way.

Our envirodrives aim to raise awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles and dispel any lingering doubts about their range and performance. Our Champagne and Cider route is to be no exception. The absence of engine noise will allow participants to truly connect with the environment, appreciating the beauty around them without disturbing its tranquility.

With glorious countryside, rolling hills, green fields and historic landmarks, plus local cider and sparkling wine tours and tastings (at the end of the days driving!). Stops along the routes allow participants to exchange stories, share their experiences, and perhaps, even forge new friendships within the electric vehicle community. £160 for a team of two.

September 8th 2024

The Sherwood Peak

Deadline for Entries - August 9th 2024

Starting/finishing points: One in Nottinghamshire and one in Derbyshire. Lunch stop will be together, half way.

Passing through iconic landmarks such as Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest, the majestic Chatsworth House and the rolling hills of the Peak District National Park. The 100-mile route involves navigating a variety of road conditions, challenging climbs, and sharp bends, requiring both skilful driving and efficient energy management from the participants.

Half way through the day, there will a lunchtime pit stop where participants can engage in friendly conversations with other attendees from their home and neighbouring Counties. This is not merely a drive for change, but an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and celebrate their shared commitment to a greener future.£160 for a team of two.