Your conversion journey starts here. These are just some of the conversion and rally preparation specialists.

RBW Electric Classic Cars has brought together the very best in classic car craftsmanship and 21st century technologies. The result is a blend of high-quality patented components, race-winning EV engineering and proven reliability.

They create beautiful classic cars that capture your emotions, epitomise style, but have a modern twist, affording trouble free passionate motoring for the future. These beautiful sports cars can be used for pleasure, everyday commuting in the city, or on the open road. Investing over £2m, RBW has created a unique platform with latest EV technology powered by Continental Engineering Services, OEM suspension from DEE engineering and battery technology from Hyperdrive Innovation.

Electrogenic take beautiful, classic vehicles and convert them to 100% electric. This takes bespoke technology, craftsmanship, a strong environmental focus and a love of beautiful cars. They create clean, green, classic vehicles with all the benefits of the 21st Century.

Converting an old family friend, or sourcing your dream car for conversion, what customers drive away is a re-born classic with spirit, flair and another 50 years of classic motoring unrolling beneath its wheels.

Enhance. Upgrade. Optimise. At Tevo Solutions, helping your Tesla reach peak performance is simply what drives them.

TEVO combines 35 years of collective motor industry experience with commitment to the future of electric vehicles. Collaborating with industry leaders across the UK, they ensure a quality-led, rather than brand-led product range, including forged track-ready wheels, upgrade kits, and spoilers – giving TEVO an enviable range of performance upgrade parts for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X and soon the Tesla Model Y.

A family-owned & run business with a tight-knit team of experienced engineers and technicians with over 100 years’ experience between them of working on 50’s & 60’s road, race & rally cars.

Woolmer Classic Engineering specialise mainly in British sports & sports racing cars & offer a full preparation service with optional transportation & event support if required.

Their team have been personally competing in historic sports cars since 1980. From this first-hand experience they have developed their bespoke processes & support packages offered to their customers.

Founded in 1981 with an initial focus on the design, manufacture and track support of a range of engine management systems for Formula 1, endurance racing and other premium motorsport series, Zytek has grown to be one of the world’s premium suppliers of bespoke powertrain and chassis control solutions.

Having the foresight to begin its electrification journey in the mid 1990s, Zytek can also offer unrivalled experience in all aspects of hybridisation and electrification, from the design and manufacture of high performance electrification systems solutions, to engineering support for all aspects of electrification challenges faced by customers.

Planet Mark enables organisations and their people to positively transform society, the  environment  and the economy through measurement of their carbon and social data, using our unique three-step process: Measure, Engage and Communicate.

As a result of rigorous measurement, a commitment to improvement and engaging their stakeholders in the process, our members can communicate their progress with confidence, transparency and enthusiasm., the brainchild of its founder Daryl Pearce, was launched in the UK July 2017. Based in Croydon, the latest rapidly expanding Tech-Hub of London, EV Hire has succeeded in carving its own unique niche fleet offering of high performance electric & Luxury 4×4 vehicles via our industry leading online booking platform.

Continuing on from a successful three years of trading, EV Hire has seen the expansion and diversification of the brand from purely “Performance EV’s” to the addition of our luxury “4×4” division. Here you will find a plethora of Mercedes G63’s / Range Rover & Lamborghini URUS’s will be available to hire at your leisure.

Volt-Age Hire offer electric cars which utilise the latest technology for hire on a self-drive basis. Whether you’re looking to reduce emissions, save on fuel costs, or want to drive the future, they can guarantee there’ll be a solution for you from our electric vehicle hire head office in Portsmouth, where they offer delivery and collection nationwide.

Being on the sunny south coast also means they are in a prime location for those who require electric car hire in London, a popular option for those who wish to avoid any costly emissions charges. Tourists arriving into Portsmouth and local businesses alike are considering a battery-based, greener car hire option. Bring on the Volt-Age!

Your waste is a powerful thing. This year, you’ll send roughly 150kg of food waste to landfill, where it will fuel global methane emissions and climate change. Turn your waste into a rich, nutritious fertiliser that feeds the soil instead!

The Subpod® in-garden compost system that works with nature, using worms and microbes to compost organic waste without the odours, vermin, mess and hard work of traditional composting. The Subpod® not only disposes of your organic waste, but is also the ‘growth hub’ for your garden. The movement of worms and microbes between your Subpod® and garden bed builds soil fertility and plant health, allowing you to grow nutrient-dense food at home with ease.

The Electric Forecourt® is a revolutionary product that provides spectacular charging facilities at the same time as delivering an awesome customer experience.

Their first site in Braintree, Essex is now open. Super-fast, reliable charging for up to 36 cars at the same time, at 39p/kWh. They have built charging infrastructure that can deliver clean energy to everything from cars and motorbikes to buses and HGV’s.

Whether you are on the road for fun, need to nip out to the shops, travelling for business or an HGV driver looking for a pit-stop, they have you covered.