Our frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with the team info@envirorally.com

Each drive will be 100 miles and there will be suggested charge stations before and after the route*. Please ensure that your vehicle can complete the route in a single charge. Should you feel that a booster charge would be required along the route, charge points will be highlighted in the roadbook.

All participating vehicles must be fully electric/zero carbon. Bring your own EV or connect to one of our partner companies for a self-drive package.

Yes. We aim to provide you with some local culinary expertise. Lunch will be provided as well as tea/coffee stops along the way

Each event will have its own timing with designated mid-morning and afternoon tea/coffee stops and a lunch stop. Where possible these will be held at venues with charging options

Easy tulip navigation will be provided with specific points of interest added for reference along the route

For the envirodrives, only a driving license valid in the United Kingdom is required

The drives are held over the course of one day, so accommodation is not required. However, we will offer recommendations of where you could stay before and after the event should you choose to extend your adventure

No previous experience is required. Our envirordrives are an introduction to motorsport

*We recommend downloading the following apps prior to participation in order to save time searching for the nearest available charge points.

Zap Map


BP Pulse



As well as the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway and Electric Hubs map:  GRIDSERVE Electric Highway