Our Team

Clara Stone - Founder

Clara trained to be a professional ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet School and spent nine years as a member of the Royal Ballet Company. At the time, she drove a long wheelbase Land Rover safari – an unusual choice perhaps for a dainty 18 year-old dancer. But it was her father’s love for cars that sparked a life-long passion for Clara. She was even among the first to convert to WVO, owning a converted 1982 Mercedes in the noughties. Upon retirement from the stage Clara moved into the realm of Arts Administration and Event Production.

When she met Robert and was introduced to the world of rally driving, all the pieces finally fit. Clara trained to be Robert’s navigator and the two of them have been a team ever since. Not only are her navigation skills naturally excellent, but Clara’s petite dancer frame and agility enable her to be the perfect co-driver even in the smallest of classic cars!

Robert Clarke - Founder

Robert grew up in a family of rally car and racing enthusiasts. At the young age of 17, he even built his first rally car from scratch. And then promptly crashed it.

Not too long after, Robert trained to become an Architect, specialising in urban design. And this business enabled him to build an enviable classic car collection, which he rallied and raced at every opportunity. In fact, it was during the dawning realisation that he’d raced most of the top circuits, Robert started to question his environmental impact. And when he met Clara, he had the opportunity to not only rediscover rally driving through her fresh eyes, but together explore the possibilities of lower carbon alternatives.

Their energy and enthusiasm for enabling the evolution of not only rally driving but all motorsports into a new, green era is the driving force behind envirorally and the envirorally foundation.