November 12-26, 2023


A Zero Carbon Motoring Event, Driving Green Innovation From Paris to Prosecco.

10% of all entry fees will be allocated towards the LeZero Green Innovation Prize

Take your time as an adventurer – Nov 12 – 26
Have the time it takes to be part of the challenge – November 19 – 26

Race Eligibility - Who can enter

Open to any zero carbon vehicle and must contain a minimum of two team members Driver and Navigator (navigation will be tulip navigation on some of the route) There are two categories for race entry

Adventure (1): Simple navigation following a digital road book.

Adventurers will be required to complete the event within 14 days. The class will be divided into two classes defined by power output:

(a) up to 150 kw
(b) over 150kw

Challenge (2): Navigation following a digital roadbook with the addition of tests on circuit similar to a historic rally format.

Challengers will be required to complete the event in 8 days from with given start and finish times and locations each day. The class will be divided into two classes defined by power output:

(a) up to 150 kw
(b) over 150kw


The Winning Criteria

Winning teams will be recognised at the Le Zero awards ceremony in Venice. The finalists of the LeZero Innovation Prize for Green Mobility solutions will also be announced.

How to Enter & Fees

By registering and paying the deposit you will secure you place in the race (click the Enter LeZero now button below). Deposit payments of £250 per team will be due at this time to secure your place in the race. Balance payment will be due by July 13th, 2023.

This will be fully refundable up to 30 days before the event start date.

• 50% refundable 15 days before the event start date
And Non-refundable thereafter.

• Fully Refundable by October 13, 2023

• 50% refundable by October 28, 2023

• 10% of all entry fees will be allocated towards the LeZero Green Innovation Prize – to be announced at the closing ceremony and awarded at the StartUp Planet Conference in Dubai in conjunction with COP28.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell:

A zero carbon motoring event, driving green innovation.

But let us expand

To allow as many people to join the fun as possible, there are two categories of entrant;

Adventure and Challenge.

The winner of each category will be those with lowest carbon emissions.

The difference between the two is TIME.

The event will run annually in the lead up to the COP summit.

Each year it will support a specific green innovation project, chosen by a panel of experts in the fields of mobility and sustainable energy.

10% of event entry fees will be donated towards innovation.

In 2023, the event will run from the 12th to the 25th of November 2023 and annually in the lead up the COP summit

Adventure category may begin their adventure any time between November 12th and November 19th

Competition category will begin their journey on November 19th

The event will commence in Paris and will pass through Auxerre, Beaune, Circuit de Bresse, Lausanne, Lucerne, Davos, Innsbruck, Bruneck and will finish in Prosecco.

Half way places for a break/charge will be near the following places:

Achère le Foret, Dijon, Basel, Flums, Landeck, Bressanone Brixen and Conegliano.

Anyone with a driving licence and zero carbon vehicle.

Visit the ‘registration’ page to enter the event, a deposit payment will be required

No, but we offer suggestions of how to find environmental and sustainable accommodation in the LeZero Brochure

No, but some suggestions are provided in the LeZero Brochure

We recommend that overnight charging, where possible be chosen. However, the route itself will pass by FASTNED charging stations until we reach Italy, these are fast and reliable stations that are easy to use.


Please download their apps to gain better access to their services.

We also highly recommend the purchase of a Juice Booster which will allow you to plug into a regular socket (if you ask nicely) and boost your charge. Fabulous piece of kit for the road. There are European packages available:


A list of recommended apps that can and should be downloaded in advance of the event is provided in the LeZero brochure. These will help you to find local, available charging options based on your own journey and needs. Downloading in advance will make sure that you do not get caught out if there is no wifi available at the charge station.




are two of the better apps with wide coverage in Europe. Both apps require an RFID card to be ordered. Allow a month in advance of departure to receive these.

10% of all entry fees will be donated to a pre-selected recipient working in the mobility sector. The beneficiary will have been chosen by a panel of experts in their field.

The elected project will be announced at the closing ceremony in Venice and will have the opportunity to present their concept as part of the Startup Planet conference in Dubai as part of COP28.

No, but a valid EU or UK license will be required. Please check the following information for EU document require

EU/Shengen license information

Yes, we advice obtaining both international vehicular insurance and travel insurance for the duration of the event for vehicle and all your team members

No, none. The event is open to newcomers and more experienced drivers. The race categories have been created to accommodate as many participants as possible.

Yes, of course, We encourage using the companies listed in our community page to get the best deals and rates (with the mention of envirorally when booking). Renting can be an excellent way to take those first steps to becoming a fully committed EV owner.

We also recommend the following companies:

ONTO who offer a monthly subscription plan


UFO Drive who have locations in Europe, including Paris City centre

  • Included in you registration will be
  • Roadbook with Tulip Navigation for the journey’s duration – in digital format and a link to print your own copy should you prefer
  • Rally plates and numbered door stickers
  • Recommendations of accommodation along the route
  • Discounts with our preferred vendors
  • The opportunity to support green innovation
  • Prize giving event in Venice

We ask that all participants download Rabbit Rally 2.0 which can be accessed from both the Google Play and Apple App stores

The numbered door stickers are designed to be easily applied and removed without damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. Instructions on how to apply them will be provided

Yes we are delighted if you share your stories before, during and after the LeZero rally. We encourage you to use the hashtags #lezero #paristovenice

You can follow us on Instagram @LeZero2023 and Twitter

Rent an EV

If you don’t yet own an EV and want to join the journey, then rent one!. Here are some options for self-drive EV rental. Click logo to visit their website.

Vehicle Classifications

Vehicle Classifications – subject to final EV classification by Motorsport UK are as follows:



Any OM
Electric Vehicle



Any OM Electric Vehicle with rally preparation safety mods*



Converted cars from
ICE to Electric


Rally events will be run in
two categories:


Any standard classification. The driver requires a regular driving licence


Any modified or bespoke rally prepped vehicle – to motorsport UK standards. The driver will need to hold a Motorsport UK speed licence. Test sections will be timed, with lower speeds for regularity with categories for novice and experienced competitors