Startup Planet's envirodrive for GEW '22 - This Event is now complete.

The Road from COP26 - COP27: OCTOBER 18 - NOVEMBER 6

We all need to play our part in the future of the planet. 

Startup Planet, envirorally and the Global Entrepreneurs Network (GEN) have teamed up to give voices to those pioneering startups and groundbreakers who are doing exactly that. 

Startup Planet is running its second conference at COP27, amplifying the voices of green startups by sharing their climate solutions with a global audience across 200 countries. 

envirorally, a not-for profit foundation, an FIA/Motorsport UK Club, and green startup, offers international motorsport events for zero carbon vehicles.

This November, The UN Climate Change conference (COP 27) will once again coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Startup Planet aims to align COP 27 world leaders with the hundreds of green startups represented across GEW’s 200 countries. 

Our envirodrive, Glasgow to the Gulf,  from the host cities of  COP 26 to COP 27 has been devised to allow us to visit various companies, organisations, institutions and innovators who are all playing their part, enabling us to bring their efforts and achievements to the world.

From the converted classic cars in Oxfordshire to charging networks in Sofia with sustainable building solutions, French retrofits and ‘the oldest city of the future’ in between. 

The envirodrive will help to showcase what an every day EV is capable of, helping to reduce the anxiety that surrounds the range of electric vehicles. At the same time we will symbolically and sustainably handover the proverbial torch from COP 26 to COP 27.

Any and all funds raised will be put towards the costs of the endeavour which includes charging, accommodation (all at certified sustainable lodgings) and will give us a presence at COP 27 and at the GEW 22 to talk, share and discuss the challenges faced and overcome along the way, with World leaders, politicians and policy makers.

Please help us on our journey to a net zero future